AMERICA VISA FOR Slovenia Citizens

Persons who want to move to Slovenia from US may need to follow different legal pathways, depending on their current status related to their citizenship or residence in the USA, as well as the duration and the purpose of stay in AMERICA VISA FOR Slovenia Citizens. The legislation in Slovenia distinguishes between short-term stays and long-term stays and, depending on the legal situation of the applicant, a visa will be required. 

The requirement for having a visa issued by the Slovenian authorities will also vary depending on the purpose for which the visa is issued. Given the complexity of the visa requirements and the legal procedures that American citizens may have to respect, you can always rely on the legal services provided by our team of Slovenian lawyers, who are ready to assist you when you want to immigrate to Slovenia. 

Short-term stays in Slovenia for American citizens

short-term stay in Slovenia is defined as any visit in this country that has a duration of less than 90 days. As a general rule, foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union (EU) will have to apply for a visa for short-term stays, but the local legislation stipulates that certain nationalities are exempted from this regulation. Below, you can find out when a person needs a Slovenia visa for US citizens.

This exemption is also applied to persons who move to Slovenia from US for a short period of time, but the right is granted only to persons who have the American citizenship. In the case of persons living in the US, who have obtained their permanent residency in America, the requirement to have a visa even for short-term stays may still be applicable, depending on the nationality of the applicant. Foreigners living in the US as permanent residents can receive in-depth legal advice on this matter from our team of lawyers in Slovenia who will present them the formalities in case they want to immigrate to Slovenia

What are the requirements for long-term stays in Slovenia? 

Americans who immigrate to Slovenia from US for a long-term period (any stay with a duration of more than 90 days) will need to apply for a visa in accordance with the purpose of their stay. At the same time, it is necessary to know that staying in this country for a period of more than 90 days requires foreigners to obtain a residence permit. 

The residence permit is issued on a temporary basis and the applicant must start the procedure at a Slovenian embassy or consulate working in the US, close to the place where the applicant has his or her current residence. However, there is an exemption from this rule, and this is applied in the case of those who want to obtain a visa and a temporary residence permit in Slovenia based on family ties with Slovenian citizens. In this case, the residence process can be started in Slovenia.  

When arriving in this country, Americans should be able to meet a set of basic requirements. Our law firm in Slovenia has prepared a short list of basic aspects Americans should know prior to their arrival here, some of the highlights being the following:

  • the validity of the American passports has to be 6 months longer than the date at which the departure from Slovenia will take place;
  • the passport must also have blank pages, as 1 page will be required for each visa stamp;
  • in the case Americans will arrive here for at least 90 days in a period of 180 days, they will need to obtain the D visa (for long-term stays);
  • it is also necessary to declare upon entry and exit in Slovenia any sums of money larger than EUR 10,000;
  • Americans are amongst the top non-EU nationalities represented as foreign-born immigrants in this country AMERICA VISA FOR Slovak Citizens (800 persons in 2018, according to the data provided by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia). 

How can one obtain the Slovenia visa for US citizens for long-term stays?

Above, we have presented just few of the main aspects American citizens have to comply with when they immigrate to Slovenia for the purpose of obtaining a long-term visa. In the following section of this article, we will present more details concerning the issuance of a long-term visa, known as the D visa. The application for the Slovenia visa for US citizens is done through the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, and the procedure has to be completed in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

When applying for this visa, the foreigner must know that the overall duration of the stay in Slovenia can be of minimum 90 days and maximum 1 year. The visa can be issued for a variety of reasons, and you can refer to our Slovenian lawyers for more details concerning this subject. 

In order to obtain this visa type, you will need to prepare a set of documents presenting your identity, the purpose of stay and information regarding your accommodation. Another important aspect for those who want to obtain the Slovenia visa for US citizens is that they must also provide evidence on their financial funds and having an appropriate insurance document

Please mind that the Slovenia visa for US citizens that is issued as a national visa will require the applicant to participate in an interview with the Slovenian authorities. The visa application can be done by mail, but an appointment can be requested by the Slovenian immigration authorities after reviewing the visa application; the appointment can take place after minimum 5 days since the online application was submitted. 

Please mind that the processing formalities of the visa impose a standard fee of EUR 77, which is calculated in US dollars (currently, $92). The applicant has to complete various legal requirements, including the ones referring to medical travel insurance. In the EU, the medical travel insurance must have a minimum value of EUR 30,000 and those who apply for the Slovenia visa for US citizens will have to comply with the same requirement. 

You can request more details on the medical travel insurance requirements from our team of lawyers in Slovenia, and you should know that in the context of Covid-19, the Slovenian authorities will ask that the medical travel insurance will stipulate that it covers Covid-19 medical treatment as well, besides the usual, such as emergency medical services, hospital treatments or repatriation services.  

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