American Lithium Corp

American Lithium Corp. is currently in the exploratory phase. In addition to acquiring, exploring, and developing lithium resources, the company mainly focuses on exploring and developing the TLC Lithium, Falchani Lithium, and Macusani Uranium projects. The company started its operations in Canada on February 25, 1974.

LIACF Stock Profile

The stock’s lowest price of the day was $2.19, a -6.91 percent decline from the start of the trading day at American Lithium on January 7, 2023. During the next three years, American Lithium is expected to face financial hardship 39 percent of the time but has performed very well in the last 90 days. 

The performance scores were calculated for the period beginning on October 9, 2022, and ending today, January 7, 2023.

LIACF Stock Highlights and Ownership

Most rational investors perceive market volatility as a chance to purchase at favorable prices or sell short against a negative trend. Investing in American Lithium involves automatic signals that have the potential to either support or challenge your investment choice. 

You may find these highlights helpful in comprehending the situation you are entering and preventing costly mistakes.

LIACF Stock is trading in the NASD’s over-the-counter electronic trading facility. Market capitalization usually refers to the total market value of a company’s shares. Currently, the company has a capitalization of $514.31 million. 

A company’s market value is determined by multiplying its total number of issued shares by its current market value.

Most investors use diversified securities portfolios with varying market capitalizations to reduce market risk and economic uncertainty. In general, however, cautious investors prefer large-cap companies, whereas risk-seeking investors prefer small and mid-cap companies. 

There are 208.29 million shares outstanding for American Lithium Corp, which is classified as a Basic Materials company and operates within the Other Industrial Metals & Mining sector. 

A Lithium Corp has amassed approximately $5.85 million in cash, with an operating cash flow of $13.43 million, resulting in a 0.03 cash per share ratio.

LIACF Stock Assessment 

The probability that American Lithium will surpass its current price within 90 days is 1.47 percent based on a normal probability distribution. During the next 90 days, American Lithium Corp’s probability density function indicates whether it will fall within a specific price range.

Using a time horizon of 90 days, American Lithium Corporation has a beta of -0.5829. This suggests that if benchmark returns grow, American Lithium returns should drop at a slower pace. When the market is terrible, American Lithium Corp is expected to beat it. 

The firm also has an alpha of 0.7523, which indicates a 0.75 percent excess return above the NYSE Composite (beta) after controlling for genetic market risk.

LIACF Stock Analyzing Risk

It is always essential for investors to maximize the potential return on their investments while minimizing volatility. Investors receive a market risk premium if they hold a long American lithium position within a diversified portfolio. 

Most analysts and investors use the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to determine the acceptable return on investment in American Lithium.

A vital aspect of the CAPM is risk and reward, often expressed in alpha and beta metrics. In addition to alpha and beta, volatility measures play an essential role in assessing American Lithium’s performance against the market.

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