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Checkout The Benefits of Babassu Oil for Hair

pure babassu hair oil

Babassu oil is a natural moisturiser that helps strengthen and nourish hair. It conditions hair, treating breakage and dandruff by adding strength to the strands. It is an excellent natural treatment for split ends because it seals up the cuticles of the hair, preventing any additional breakage or damage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with scalp irritations and even reduce redness from scalp acne. Babassu oil also prevents hair loss by adding volume and leaving the hair soft, shiny and healthy. Babassu oil is extracted from the fruit of the Babassu palm, a native palm tree to Brazil in South America. Its fruit, referred to as “cachelo,” is like an oval-shaped coconut or a large seeded nut. The nuts are removed from the central cone and manually pressed to extract the oil, which is then purified by steam distillation. Buy organic bhringraj oil online and mix with babassu oil for better results. 

Benefits of the use of babassu oil on hair

1) Rejuvenate your hair with daily treatment- 

This oil moisturises the hair, leaving it soft and silky. It also hydrates the follicles and scalp. The natural ingredients in this oil have antimicrobial properties that help heal scalp problems, such as flaking or dandruff, by deep cleansing and preventing infection from bacteria and fungi bases. 

2) Reduce split ends- 

The oil seals the cuticle of your hair, so using it regularly will prevent split ends or damage to your hair. It also promotes new growth on hair for all those that would like to add some length or volume to their tresses.

3) Prevent hair loss- 

The oil protects the hair from further damage and breakage. It also maintains thick, strong, and healthy hair. 

4) Vitamin enriched- 

The oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which help repair damaged or weak hair and also prevent dryness of the scalp. 

5) Roots look fuller and shinier- 

The oil helps lengthen the length of your strands as well as add volume to voluminous hair. It also helps in moisturising the dry ends of your hair by nourishing it from the inside out. 

6) Help maintain new growth on the scalp, preventing further breakage or damage to your tresses.

7) It prevents hair loss by adding volume to your hair.

8) It promotes healthy hair growth by preventing further damage or breakage on existing hair strands. 

9) Highly useful for all types of hair (all types of curly, wavy, straight, and frizzy ones), but required more care on very curly tresses.

10) Helps strengthen your strands which makes your hair healthier and shinier. Also prevents split ends on the ends of your strands or damaged follicles resulting in coarse or weak shafts

11) Gently cleanses and moisturises while deeply nourishing otherwise dry scalp areas.

12) Help build collagen in the connective tissue of any part of the body or to provide collagen supplement therapy to people who have injuries or physical therapy.

13) It is easily absorbed by your skin thus giving all its nutrients and beneficial natural ingredients directly to your body without any side effects. Help build collagen in the connective tissue of any part of the body or provide collagen supplement therapy to people who have injuries or physical therapy.

Steps on how to use babassu oil for better results 

Step 1: Wash your hair. 

Step 2: Apply a small amount of babassu oil directly to your scalp and massage gently. Or massage it on the length of your hair and then use your fingers to distribute the oil throughout the strands or use a comb or brush to evenly distribute.

Step 3: Cover with a shower cap and leave overnight, reapply daily until you get desired results as per choice. 

Step 4: After using, wash with mild shampoo to remove any traces of oil from your scalp. Use your normal shampoo once more to remove all oils from your hair completely. 

Note: For best results order babassu oil for hair and use it regularly.

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