Common types of homework for international students

There are various types of homework for international students. Before writing, we must recognize the type of homework we need to write. Divided by type, common homework assignments for international students include a report, essay, assignment, etc. Divided by subjects, international students’ homework mainly includes humanities, computer science, finance, economics, etc.

1. Essay writing is a task that every discipline and major needs to complete, especially for business and liberal arts. It is in the form of writing a thesis to elaborate on a specific topic. Refers to the point of view and specific argument on a topic. The content and format requirements are not very formal. The usual essay structure consists of an introduction, a body, and a concluding reference section. Since essay writing is a specific argument for a certain topic, you need to express your views and opinions at the beginning of the essay, then prove them with specific examples in the main part of the essay, and finally summarize and generalize at the end of the essay, echoing the beginning, to point out the subject.

2. Assignment is a general term for the assignments of international students. Common assignments include three types: reading assignments, oral or written assignments, and practical activity assignments. Because of the diversity of assignment types, there is usually no uniform fixed template.

3. Report is a type of report created by using experimental data. Generally, there are various types, such as chemical reports, physical reports, and biological reports. Different reports have different characteristics. The experimental process of the physics report is complicated, and the time required is relatively tight, but the writing content is relatively simple. Although the chemical report has a simple process, the requirements are very strict, and the specified error should not exceed 0.15%. The biological report is the most lengthy report and needs to be explained by a large amount of content.

4. Discussion is to express your views and ideas through group discussion. Because the process of discussion itself is brainstorming, it requires the active participation of international students to express their different views. This is also something that overseas universities attach great importance to.

The types of homework in overseas universities mainly include the above four types. For UK students, although they have passed the strict foreign language tests such as SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, etc., their English writing level is still far from that of local students, so students can complete various assignments in foreign universities with the help of finding an assignment agency.

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