Hardest To Kill Plants, Learn How To Be Resilient From a Succulent

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Plants are living things but most people don’t realize it. I am not diving into the difference between informed and realization. People don’t take care of the plant as they don’t yell at you. They just simply start to deteriorate and then die.

Plants, like human beings, thrive if you meet their conditions. It is not always water and sun. Well, there are many plant lovers out there like me but I am not judging people. Everybody is entitled to their interests.

Decorative Little Plants

Let’s just agree even non-plant people like to have some life form around. You always feel compelled to decorate your place to make yourself comfortable. The succulent plant achieves both goals easily. 

They are really pretty to look at and some species can thrive indoors without special care. The term succulent is given to the group of plant that has engorged parts. Either thick leaves or stems, to retain water. Their ability to retain water makes them resilient. 

The most common example is Aloe Vera. It is stemless and the leaves are very thick. We all are very thankful for its leaves and water retention. As aloe Vera has been hiding in the desserts for centuries with all its benefits. Other succulent plants also have very beneficial qualities. 

What Good They Can Do

Well if somebody asks this when you are willing to spend money on them, the first response should be “IT’S A PLANT IT GIVES OXYGEN”. Don’t go into further details which I am mentioning here. 

Some people mistakenly believe that succulents belong to the desert so they must have some poisonous or negative attributes. The reality is the opposite. They are very helpful in maintaining the environment. The colors are so beautiful. They purify the air. They don’t consume much water. They get you in touch with nature. 

The Fragment of Nature

Succulent plants can survive indoors like in rooms and offices. The plant shave psychological benefits. The research reveals that children in big cities suffer from ADHD more than children in suburbs. The research conducted at the University of Michigan reveals that regular encounter with nature improves your focus or cognitive ability. 

There are also many positive vibes related to succulents. The Jade plant, also called Crassula Octava are called the Lucky or friendship plant. They thicken with time. 

Some of the most beautiful flowers are grown on succulents. They are not the most common. Tacitus Bellus has flat rosettes, each one can produce many beautiful pink flowers. 

Even the harsh-looking cactus with all the thorns can bloom. If you take care of it properly. It will survive the harshest weather but it only blooms with the right conditions.

It was very rewarding to see my cactus bloom.

Do They Only Resist Heat?

The succulents belonging to the genus Echeveria and Euphorbias are very resistant to frosty temperatures. They can withstand cold even frost. It is a common misconception that succulents only thrive in the heat. 

The aloe, Blue Elf is most commonly known as shade loving plant. The Sedums are also shade-loving. 

There are so many various types. You should get succulents for your place as they can survive in vast ranges of climate and you don’t have to water them daily. 

You don’t half to change the soil or put maneuvers in it. Just let it be. They make you feel good at your lowest.

Office Plant Is Necessary

We often question our life priorities at work. Even if you are happily working at your job there are some stressful days. Sometimes you miss your family, sometimes you hate being an adult with bills to pay. 

Many people get leafy plants which makes them hopeful. But if that plant is drying up and its leaves look dreary it will just add sadness to your day. 

The answer is succulents. 

  • They come in small sizes so you can keep them on your desk. 
  • They survive indoors. 
  •  There are aesthetically pleasing.
  •  They don’t make any debris. 

Go to your nearest plantation. Or just go to an online store. Understand the needs in detail and choose according to your taste. It is tricky to deliver the plant so make sure that the buyer knows the secure way to deliver. 

In life, we need to be more like succulents. Just don’t exhaust yourself. Tired people get more depressed. Live life to the fullest yet have some energy reserved for the frosty days. 

Peace to all of yah! 

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