How to Draw A Creeper

Creeper Drawing

How to Draw A Creeper. Minecraft is one of the most famous plays on the globe and is played by millions of fans every day. It’s a game that allows unlimited creativity and thousands of hours of gameplay.

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One character can pop up throughout the game enough to ruin anyone’s day.

The Creeper lives up to its name not only because of its truly spooky appearance but also because it can appear out of nowhere and pose a major threat to any player.

While not a welcome sight, many people still adore this character for his hot looks.

Learning to draw a Creeper is a great way to create amazing artwork featuring one of these terrifying creatures!

How to Draw A Creeper

Step 1

Like everything in Minecraft, the Creeper is mostly made up of square blocks and cubes.

For this reason, you should have a ruler handy as you work through this How To Draw A Creeper guide. This makes it much easier to draw all straight edges correctly!

With that in mind, let’s start by drawing a cube shape for the Creeper’s head. Start by drawing a square at a slight angle to the front of the Creeper’s head.

Next, draw a shorter square shape for the side and top of the head to give it a cubic shape. This cannot be easy, so try to copy our sample image as closely as possible!

Step 2

This character’s body is quite long and thin, and that’s the part we’re going to start with for this part of your Creeper drawing.

Again, this is a step where using a ruler would make your life easier! First, draw two lines going down to form the Creeper’s long, rectangular body.

Next, add another line parallel to the right side of the body to give it more depth. There will be space in the lower body, but that will be an area we’ll be filling soon!

Step 3

The Creeper has a really specific face design that is simple but effective. This is what we will draw in this step of our guide on how to draw a Creeper.

For the eyes, draw two fairly small square shapes near the center of the face. These then have two even smaller squares in the lower inner corners of the eyes for the pupils.

You can start with four small squares back to back for the mouth. Draw a horizontal rectangle underneath, and then add a small square inside.

Finally, use some straight lines for the Creeper’s square feet as they appear in the reference image.

Step 4

Continuing with this Creeper drawing, we now finish the outlines for the feet.

We want the feet to look like two rectangular blocks next to each other, so we can add more straight lines to complete the effect using the outlines you started in the previous step.

Another short straight line is added near the torso to make it look more rectangular.

Once these lines have been added, we can move on to the final details in the fifth step of the guide.

Step 5

This step of our how-to-draw a Creeper guide is all about completing some of the finer details to complete it.

Draw A Creeper

To do this, we’ll start by adding a small grid pattern near the base of the foot. We can draw six small squares at the bottom of each foot for this grid pattern.

There will also be similar grilles on the rear foot bases.

Once these details have been drawn, you can also complete the picture by adding additional details.

You could draw a background to show the Minecraft environment haunted by this Creeper!

Step 6

Creepers in Minecraft have a distinctive green color scheme, which we chose in our example image for this Creeper theme.

Creeper Drawing

This reference image can serve as a great template if you want to show the Creeper in his typical coloring!

Even though it’s completely green, you can still achieve color variation by switching to whatever shades of green you prefer.

While you could create an accurate portrait of the Creeper, you could create your unique variation by changing the colors!

Whatever approach you take, you can also have fun with the different artistic means you use to create them.

Your Creeper Drawing is Finished!

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