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How to Make a Broom in the Countryside?

The broom is a necessity in people’s daily life. Every household uses it every day. Only when the first day of the new year is the broom’s birthday, the rural people let the broom rest for a day Appliance People Discount Code.

So how do rural people make brooms? There are many people in the city who don’t know about it. Let me tell you about the whole process of making brooms in rural areas.


  1. There are many kinds of brooms in the countryside. Generally, farmers use local materials. They collect the discarded firewood on the mountain and tie it up with ganten to form a broom. In addition to household use, the general rural elderly take their brooms to market towns to sell. The rural elderly generally rely on brooms to make a living.
  2. In Jinhua, Zhejiang, the main varieties of brooms are: bamboo silk broom, awn flower broom, gold silk broom, brown broom, and sorghum broom.
  3. Among them, the bamboo silk broom is made of moso bamboo branches, which is durable and suitable for sweeping roads and drying rice.
  4. The miscanthus broom is made of miscanthus stalks from the mountain. It is easy to remove dust and is suitable for room cleaning.
  5. The raw material of golden silk broom is broom grass, which can be planted in a large area, and can be sown in front of and behind houses. It has a high yield and is very durable when tied into a broom. For example, our Lanxi textile industry uses gold wire brooms, and the sales volume is very large.
  6. The raw material of the brown broom is brown flakes, which are rolled up and bundled into a broom, which is light and durable, suitable for home use.
  7. The raw material of sorghum brooms is sorghum tassels, which are tied into brooms, which can be used to sweep the floor to collect grain or clean the stove.
  8. Rural people tie brooms, usually by tidying up all the raw materials, first tie a small handful, and then bundle 5 small handles into a big broom.
  9. When bundling, take the broom handle first, one meter or eighty centimeters, it must be smooth
  10. Then put a small handful of bamboo silk on the elbow and tie it tightly with adhesive tape or mountain vines, roll it four to five times, then put a small handful on it and roll the tape four to five times, repeat the winding five times to tie the knot, and finally use the bamboo needle Take it easy, it is a good broom that is handy.
  11. Broom tying is a traditional rural handicraft. In addition, the income from broom tying is low. Now only the elderly in rural areas are still making a living, and many young people in rural areas do not know how to do it. In this way, broomsticks will become less and less in the long run, or even lost.


You can also learn to make a broom at home

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Teach you to draw a broom with simple strokes

Before the advent of sweeping robots, brooms were basically a daily necessity for every household. Do you have it at home? This experience will introduce to you how to draw a stick figure broom Appliance People Discount Code.

  • white paper, pencil, eraser
  • crayons


  1. First draw a broom handle, as shown in the picture below
  2. Along the handle of the broom, draw the part of the broom used to sweep the floor.
  3. Draw a dividing line and draw the eyelet for the broom handle.
  4. Above the horizontal line, paint the appropriate color.
  5. Finally, under the horizontal line, paint another color to distinguish it Appliance People Discount Code.

Teach children to draw and color a broom

  1. Outline the basic outline of the broom handle with wavy lines, paying attention to the symmetry and harmony of the wavy lines.
  2. Use the wavy lines of disconnected connectors to form the feeling of candied haws, but don’t draw them as candied haws.
  3. Draw the transition of the broom with straight lines and arcs, forming a small fan.
  4. Outline the main part of the broom with a straight line, pay attention to the harmony of long and short lines.
  5. Outline the broom with small arcs, pay attention to the disordered and orderly levels, and the transition should be peaceful.
  6. Decorate the whole broom with short lines to make the broom more realistic and beautiful.
  7. For the final coloring, you can choose a lighter tone and filling, such as brown, light brown. But pay attention to the harmony of the depth and depth Appliances Online Discount Code NHS.

How to clean the broom

In life, we will use brooms to clean the floors and walls of our homes, and then we will be happy to see the house is clean, and we will put the brooms back in place, but what we neglect is that when you clean with a broom, the stains on the broom Dust and dirt are unimaginable, so at this time, for different dirt such as entangled hair, contaminated dust, contaminated oil, how to deal with it, I will give you a little trick.

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