How to Reduce Mobile App Development Costs: Top Trends to Follow

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Mobile-first strategies of tech giants, rapid penetration of Internet accessibility, and affordability of smartphones have made mobile apps modern-day essentials. As a result, Google and Apple app stores are densely populated with millions of mobile apps that offer everything from improving productivity to mobile commerce. The truth is mobile apps have matured into a disruptive force in the modern digital world.

Despite many mobile software development companies and the easy availability of development tools, challenges can still set you back. The primary one is often the app design, development, and deployment cost. If this challenge has stumped you, here are some ways to reduce your mobile app development costs.

Clever Ways to Reduce the App Development Cost

1. Outsourcing

As per the recent report from Upwork, the minimum amount one has to pay for developing an app ranges between $150,000 and $450,000. But when the same project goes to an app development company, it ranges from $10,000 to $80,000.This is the reason outsourcing mobile app development is the best way to reduce app development costs. 

Hiring a development team from a location where the technical professional is budget-friendly gives you big savings on development costs. In addition, outsourcing an app development project brings additional advantages like end-to-end rendering of services, time-saving, and availability of large talent pools. 

2. Cross-Platform Development

While native applications give an excellent user experience, cross-platform apps come with a cost-saving feature. Also, developing a native app for platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows is expensive. Moreover, to control the app development cost and man-hours, you can opt for developing a cross-platform mobile app. 

Besides, when choosing cross-platform development, it offers you highly reusable code. Once a team of experts writes the app’s business logic, it can be used multiple times for various platforms. Some of the popular cross-platform frameworks that can save money are as follows:

  • PhoneGap
  • NativeScript
  • Appcelerator
  • Xamarin
  • Sencha Touch

3. Continuous Testing

There is no denying that quality assurance and bug fixing are integral parts of successful app development. However, closing a project without any error is next to impossible. The testing and quality assurance team can minimize it and offer error-free applications. It is the most challenging part of mobile app development. 

And if we talk about the cost estimates of a mobile application, it plays a key role and might shoot the budget. So, when you work with a team of experts for quality testing and bug fixing, you can save a lot on app development. Though it might seem like an add-on to your project, it is essential for saving money.  

4. Agile project management

Developing a mobile application brings a lot of complexity, consideration, and planning. Therefore, you must always devise some strategy to make things easier. However, opting for Agile methodology in app development can bring many benefits. For instance, the agile methodology helps to control the budget, speed up development, and many other things.  

The large app development project can be broken down using this methodology into smaller development cycles. For instance, tasks, sub-tasks, and modules. With this, developing a mobile application will become easy and simple. So, if you want to create an app without problems, always opt for an agile methodology to save money. 

5. MVP Releases

A minimum Viable Product is one of the best things to opt for, cutting the cost of app development. It is a working prototype of an application providing all core features. Therefore, it can be considered a testing ground to check the product’s viability. In addition, an MVP of a mobile app lets the owner preview the feasibility of the product before it comes to market for commercial use. 

It brings the most benefits of mobile app development. Comparatively, it is a lot cheaper to build, and it can identify the need for improvements. Moreover, it helps to isolate bugs before full-fledged development. Finally, it reduces the efforts and money one wishes to invest in app development. So, building an MVP can reduce the cost of mobile app development. 

Key takeaways!

These five points clearly show how to reduce the app development cost for your next project. However, there are many other things that you can consider to save money on app developmentā€”for instance, collaborating with an experienced app development company. The team of technical experts knows how and in what ways you can save money on your project. Therefore, you should contact the expert immediately to build a robust application. 

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