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Whether you’re interested in hunting in Vietnam or not, there are some things you should know about this popular game. Learn about its origins, scopes used, multiplayer mode, and more.


Known as tro choi san moi in Vietnamese, this game originated in the rice fields of Vietnam. It was a game of wits and weapons that served as a means of keeping the local identity intact. It was a game of the old school, ruled by a king.

Using a sniper rifle, the objective is to kill as many of your opponents as possible in a given amount of time. There are several variations of this game, but the most common involves using a deck of cards. In addition to a sniper rifle, the game also involves maps and “Winner Takes All” mode. This game may also be played for real money.

The game has also been a popular online game. In fact, it is one of the most popular online games in Vietnam. The developers of the game, Hiker Games, have launched a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising VND20 billion (US$10 million) in the next three years. The game is expected to employ around 50 people.

Scopes used for hunting

Using a scope is essential for hunting big game in Vietnam. There are different scopes available, from illuminated reticles to non-illuminated reticles. In addition, there are some that are waterproof. These are especially important for hunting large game in the dark.

An 8x scope is ideal for hunting long shots. It has eight brightness settings that are compatible with night vision devices. It also has high resolution optics that are ideal for hunting large game in Vietnam.

An 8x scope can be purchased with illuminated or non-illuminated reticles. A night vision device is also needed to hunt large game in the dark. However, the cost can be quite high. Some 8x scopes are available for as little as a few hundred dollars, while others can be several thousand dollars.

Multiplayer mode

During the French colonial era, tro choi san moi hunting games were regulated by the state as opposed to the state of the art. In addition, the 8X hunting game was a favorite among the nobles of Vietnam. The game was also a good way to retain local pride during a time when colonialism was at its zenith.

Similarly, the 8X hunting game was a great way for aristocrats to flex their pythons. It is no surprise then, that the game is a big draw online. As such, the Vietnamese government has implemented some rules of the game. Specifically, game play is limited to five hours a day. The aforementioned en masse chess games can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

While it is not clear what the official 8X hunting game was, it is known that a variant was created using a deck of cards.

Cost of the game

During the French colonial period, strict hunting laws were imposed in Vietnam. In the 8X hunting game, hunters were required to get a license before they were allowed to hunt any animal. The license cost a considerable amount. The cost of a hunting license in Vietnam can reach as much as 4,000 Vietnamese piastres.

In the early days of Vietnam, society was ruled by a large number of feudal lords. These lords ruled over vast stretches of land. They were religious leaders as well as large landowners. They were responsible for enforcing wildlife laws.

Before the French invasion, Vietnam had a highly hierarchical society. It was ruled by religious leaders, feudal lords and chiefs. The game was played to maintain a sense of identity.

The game was popular among nobles in Lang Biang, where the game originated. However, it soon spread throughout the Mekong Delta.

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