Why Need Custom Packaging Boxes For Perfumes?

perfume rigid boxes

Perfumes complete any look. People are so obsessed with scents that you can always find one in their bags. The perfumes are used to keep you smelling nice throughout the day. Due to such addiction, many manufacturers are constantly introducing new scents.

However, only a few of them are popular. To compete with the famous, you must be one step ahead of them in all areas, including packaging. Because custom packaging boxes has become an effective advertising tool for today’s brand-conscious community. They are so brand-conscious that they don’t even look at the plain box. And how will they buy your product if they ignore it?

Buy custom candle boxes at wholesale.

You always require bulk custom perfume boxes because there is a great demand for fragrances. Why not purchase wholesale goods from Urgent Boxes for an entire month? So, if you decide against it due to a tight budget, you can unwind for an entire month. To be clear, you pay less for bulk quantities the more you order.

However, if you order from us, you get financial benefits because our rates are business-friendly compared to others. Also, we don’t charge additional charges. Besides, you can get an incredible discount if you order now because of the new year 2023 sale.

Personalize custom perfume boxes according to your mindset

Do you want to customize perfume boxes according to your idea? Let’s do that together. As you know, we want to give dream packaging. Therefore, we provide you with proper control over the design of the custom box. But unlike other packaging solutions, we keep in touch with you in all that procedure.

You must send us all the details regarding box style, material, design color, etc. Then our design experts design your box according to the specification you provide. Then the sample kit is delivered to your doorstep within 12 to 16 business days. If you feel any amendments, our designing experts do that for you before confirming the order for production. Once production starts, it’s impossible.

Intensify the custom perfume box grace with lamination or coating

Do you want to intensify the designed box appearance? If or want to protect the box surface from scratches, smudges, etc., do lamination or coating. It helps to seal the entire box by adding another layer of durability. Additionally, make the box’s surface sleek and smooth so that the design appears more intense. Here are some possibilities.

  1. Matte lamination:

The matte lamination is mainly used to give the custom box design a decent or burred appearance. It is soft to the touch and provides supreme protection to the box surface. It can be a good option if the box has darker shades like black, blue, or brown because it can balance darker shades due to less glare.

  • Gloss lamination:

If you want that shine that attracts buyers from a distance, apply gloss lamination. It gives a reflective effect to the product and increases the color or design vibrancy. As it is water resistant, people prefer it for food items packaging.

  • Aqueous coating:

The best aspect of aqueous coating is that it is completely environmentally friendly. When the aqueous layer is applied to custom perfume boxes, it becomes 100% recyclable. Also, it can give both a matte and gloss touch.

Make exclusive packaging possible with add-ons.

It will not be a perfect match if the expensive perfume packaging is not according to its price tag. It’s because the packaging it selves speaks to the product cost. It should be exclusive according to its price. Otherwise, people will never consider it cost-worthy.  Therefore, you must use premium add-ons for an exclusive touch. You can choose any of them, all of these amazing. Here are a few options.

Always customize custom perfume boxes with inserts

Jars of fragile perfume need additional safeguards. If not, bumping might easily cause them to crack. Especially when moving from one location to another. However, if you store the delicate jars safely in bespoke inserts, you may put this anxiety to rest.

Besides protecting the product, they keep them in a good and representative position, which helps to give the buyer a mesmerizing, unboxing experience. We have cardboard kraft, simple foam, and EVA foam inserts. You can choose any of them according to the product requirement and need.


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