an uncomfortable reality:

The imminent arrival of PlayStation 5 this November 12 has flooded the console’s review or analysis networks, gutting each of its features in extensive articles that fuel the hype that precedes the launch of a new generation. An event that only takes place every 6 or 7 years and that is highly anticipated by the whole world, including united Latin America. While we hope Sony didn’t overlook the PlayStation 5 submission to HyperHype, ps5 console for our esteemed review, we’ll talk about the hype it incites in all its forms. in the hypeMany of us mark November 12 on the calendar, hoping that nothing bad will happen on that day, moving away from everything that is unfortunate for us, even if that includes a reality check in a PlayStation 5 review. That is why that the youtuber Vito has raised a cry in the sky when finding bitter statements at the end of Kotaku’s PlayStation 5 review, questioning whether that should be the role of video game journalism.

Kotaku ‘s review has a total of 3281 words talking condensedly and precisely about: appearance, weight, shape, operating system, interface, SSD memory, loading time, the most technical aspects of the hardware , backward compatibility… etc. Nothing objectionable until the end, where he spends only 223 words out of 3,281 talking about a crude subject of reality. Ian Walker, author of the Kotaku review, could conclude on certain reasons why the PlayStation 5 would be worth or not to buy right now, but adds that it would be remiss not to consider the situation the world is going through right now. A world still shaken by the covid-19 pandemic that is severely affecting the United States with a health system that weighs one life over another in an economic balance that breaks, fragments, and further reveals the existing gap between rich and poor. In a hint of guilt, Ian Walker confesses that: “ […] for the reasons mentioned above and more, many people simply will not be able to buy a PlayStation 5regardless of supply. Or if they can, concerns about increasing austerity in the United States and the growing threat of widespread political violence supersede any enthusiasm about the console’s SSD or how raytracing makes reflections more realistic . It is a fact that is happening right now , but unlike the game of denying or affirming that the earth is flat, denying this reality is contempt for the human lives that are claimed by covid-19. 

This observation by Walker has generated all kinds of reactions on social networks about the right to objective information, whether journalism should be strictly limited to PlayStation 5… etc. The youtuber Vito alludes to the fact that his duty as a journalist is to inform, and not to be a blogger entering into politics or personal appreciations in the case of a product intended to make people enjoy. And if it was a bad product and it wasn’t fun, would I be failing his duty? If an article does not meet what is expected or what is expected, not so much because of the analysis, but because of what the product itself offers, it is easy to find a dilemma: should the journalist be objective or should he attend to what is expected? The “shock” of all this is that there is no 100% objective information. By discarding it remains to attend to what is expected and, although,timing or time to launch their next generation game consoles.

Act I: The Shadow of Reality

What weighs is not the word. Neither the intentions of the author, nor the fact of being in a PlayStation 5 review… what weighs is an uncomfortable shadow or a dark hint of guilt for those who feel it that way . No one is talking about being guilty or not being able to enjoy the hobby like anyone else, but it is our own perception that is present in some way and we cannot deny it. Which brings us to the next question: video games are there to evade us. We do not want to be reminded of reality . We cannot avoid that games are impregnated with reality because reality shapes us as human beings and, “ shock”, video games are made by flesh and blood developers. And yes, unfortunately for many, they are also politicians. Politics is present in video games in a substantial way, when it allows us to interact with regimes of different kinds throughout a story or in the narrative, but also when we as players are part of the social structure of the game. Since we negotiate how to distribute an enemy’s drop or whether to look for PvP or PvE, being peaceful and diplomatic or more combative, “ shock ” is political. Wanting to escape from it is to plunge into a multicolored world where we can also die from a stumble or a fierce enemy. 

Would Dark Souls , which shows a world in decay, be less of a game for evoking reality itself? I know, I have touched the primal well of pessimism, but the point is the same.

Act II: The machinery under the mountain

From a social point of view, I think we live in a time when two streams of selfish thoughts that feed each other converge: the right to enjoy and the right to consume. Motivated mainly by advertising and capitalism, which encourages us to follow individualism as a direct consequence of achieving greater personal motivation and having more self-esteem. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram… are full of messages that invite optimism out of pure belief,solving the problems of self-esteem and confidence that affect the population. A few years ago, the “Secret” book encouraged many people to believe that if they think positive things will happen to them positively as a kind of karma that balances things out. Following this logic, good things happen to whom it is because they deserve it due to karma and if you are close to them, following their posturing life on Instagram for example, they will infect you with that good fortune.

The following is lurid: if you receive it, you probably deserve it and therefore those who have the most deserve it proportionally above the rest. Finally, it leads to a fatal balance: if you are skeptical, you will believe that if you have nothing it is because you do not deserve it; and if you’re a true believer, you’ll continue to hope for that idyllic life you’re bombarded with in the ads. “ See how you can get it too? You deserve it. Get it now. Get into debt if necessary ”. Hope ends up ps5 price in Bangladesh, becoming that life bar of any video game waiting to follow your next main mission. On the other hand, new impulses emerge in which desire has become an immediate need, resilience is canceled and priorities are distorted. love yourself more. Do you need to socialize? Quickly enter WhatsApp and you already have it. Do you need that new lamp to illuminate your dreams? Quickly enter Amazon and you already have it ”. That is the machinery that underlies the course of the days. Accustomed to that routine, you can expect to find people outraged at not receiving their PlayStation 5 the same day it was released. People are very angry that a dreamy review of PlayStation 5 does not skyrocket its most powerful specifications. Or people very upset because the same review reminds us of a reality from which we have been looking the other way. Inspiring and expanding his chest, the youtuber Vito reminds us: “That is not the work of a journalist.” 

Act III: The cold wall of journalism

HyperHype is a warm bonfirein the midst of the storm where I can enjoy the company of equally intrepid adventurers. With the view of the great mountains always present, there are moments in which we share stories, others in which I remain absorbed with the cooing of the wind and the crackling of the flames. Thoughtful. Worried about those blizzards of hate-sharpened words or the ice golems that dwell near the top. They want us to be like those ice golems, like high walls of ice that only reflect the top and don’t reveal anything else. They ask us to be part of the machinery that continuously moves social networks. Sometimes the cold is so intense that the features of my face are frozen, feeling like a false doll. That feeling… sometimes it’s unavoidable. Sitting in front of the computer after a hard day, seeing that pulsing cursor on the snow-white sheet and putting on the mask to force himself to smile. Whether it’s scripting a YouTube video with a “Hey what’s up? ” or a new article, knowing that happiness sells . And of course, being coal that feeds that machinery that he mentioned before.

Happiness sells. You just have to take a quick look at the most viewed YouTube videos in recent weeks. The reflection of happiness also sells. Don’t miss a good gamer room and if it’s a whole house, even better. And of course, the path to happiness also sells. How to get… ?and insert any wishes we would like immediately. YouTube, Twitch… attract in this way because they are made for that, they make everything apparently easy to achieve and that also alludes to the creation of video games, journalism, dissemination… etc. Everyone has the gift of knowing what it takes just from watching a 15 minute video. And in his right to express himself and demonstrate, there is room for hatred and a culprit: the author does not do his job well. All this happens, regardless of the personal situation of each one, so the world can become very gray when we add our own circumstances. Happiness should not be sold, nor should it be given with zero assertiveness. You have to appreciate it when it comes and understand others, even if we don’t agree 100%. We have reached an increasingly polarized society because it also feeds the machinery, at the cost of losing the ability to be critical and empathetic.

Ian Walker couldn’t put on a mask to write the PlayStation 5 review. It’s not a slip, it’s not a professional flaw, it’s not a serious mistake, it just came from his soul. He felt that he should say so over the delusion that a PlayStation 5 buyer might have. Nothing is going to break the illusion of him. The unbreakable reality of videogames is that they cannot be separated from reality . If the achievement of his illusion is the acquisition of PlayStation 5, no one is going to take it away from him and he will be able to enjoy it in its entirety. But if it is not enough beforehand, the shadow of reality may be heavier than expected. 

In my opinion, regardless of what is happening in all parts of the world, there are no real reasons to buy a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X. They are video consoles that more than meet what is expected of them, marking a new generation and its interfaces are currently the best product, but without enough exclusive video games to motivate, for the moment, their purchase.

Those who want to buy them now, great. Those who prefer to wait within a year, also and those who do not plan to get hold of them, welcome. We don’t need to reach the top if what motivates us is simply to walk and enjoy the same thing: video games. We will have our moments to escape but we do not intend to sell our illusion to others because the hype can be shared, but not sold . And at HyperHype , we’re experts at it. And I hope you share your comments with the same enthusiasm that makes me write this opinion.

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