The Ultimate Guide to Buying Transparent LED Display Screens

The advent of transparent LED displays within the display industry makes them one of the most prevalent choices for consumers across many industries. In the actual demand process, however, aspects such as model, size, and viewing distance must be exhaustively examined, making it more difficult to identify products.

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Here are some considerations you should consider when selecting a transparent LED display screen

There are challenges with transparency and dot spacing in transparent displays. With an increase in permeability, lamp beads are arranged closer together. There is currently 85 percent of transparent screens, with a minimum point spacing of 2.78 millimeters.

Transparent displays will need to be enhanced to achieve the optimal balance between pixel density and transmittance

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Guide to Transparent LED Display Selection and Important Considerations

01: A product selection must consider the application, dot pitch, size, and resolution.

Manufacturers’ most critical technical aspects in the small-pitch LED market are permeability, dot pitch, large size, and resolution. The exact dot spacing must match the appropriate transparent screen size to produce the optimal display effect.

As seen in the table above, a device with a pitch of 3.977.81mm achieves a full HD resolution of 19201080, and its screen size is 57.1 square meters. If the user’s application space is limited, installation costs and difficulties will significantly increase, even if there is no foundation.

Additionally, spectators must choose the optimal viewing distance to have a good watching experience.

In the practical use of transparent LED displays, it is not true that the smaller the dot pitch and the higher the resolution, the better the real impact, and the screen must be considered. A transparent screen’s price currently depends on its size and resolution.

A product acquisition without a thorough examination of the application environment may result in high costs and an inability to achieve the desired impact.

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02: Transparent LED screen brightness selection

The LED display’s brightness should be adjusted between 800 and 1500. It is recommended not to exceed this range of brightness. It will be too dazzling, diminish the viewing impact, and consume more energy if it is too bright.

Retail centers, sales offices, and semi-outdoor display facilities, such as theaters and stadiums, provide better lighting than indoor lighting. The brightness setting on the screen should be between 2000- 3500 nits to get the desired effect.

03: Maintenance costs must be fully considered when designing large-size products

It would help to consider the high purchase and maintenance costs when selecting large-sized items for practical applications. High-density LED transparent screens are primarily used for interior applications, so they must be light and thin, with a low thickness, despite the potential lifespan of LED lamp beads approaching 100,000 hours.

04: Signal transmission equipment must be combined

Typically, video signals in H.264, 720P, 1080P, and other formats are used when signal access is complex, the number is large, and the location is dispersed. When buying a thing, you should avoid concentrating just on the item itself. Regardless of whether the present signal equipment supports the relevant video signal, the resolution must be thoroughly considered.

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