What is Car Remapping and Its Benefits:

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Car remapping:

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Remapping a car is a quick and relatively cost-effective modification to the microchip to your car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to overwrite the producer’s manufacturing unit settings. This permits your vehicle to perform at its superior potential. At Reidy Remaps, our Tuning-approved experts are also on hand to provide expert advice, so pick up the phone and call us today.

Is remapping good for me and my car?

There are many reasons why engine remapping makes the best experience for owners of cars, trucks and motorhomes. The benefits mentioned may be skilled right now after the quick 30- to 60-minute process. Engine remapping clients have cited upgrades in overall performance, energy and speed, and a higher and safer user experience.

Statistically, engine remapping has improved as much as 35% in horsepower and torque. You may also word that the MPG your car can get is higher, which means that you pay much less at the pump and decrease your carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of remapping?

The essential reason drivers get an engine remapped is to reinforce speed and strength. There are but different advantages of vehicle engine remapping:


Remapping should increase your car’s miles in keeping with the gallon and ordinary fuel economic system.

A higher experience

An enhanced accelerator and engine response will make your car smoother and easier to drive.

More pulling electricity

If you use your car to tow, remapping will deliver more power, so it won’t work so hard while mountaineering or accelerating.

Reidy Remaps
Reidy Remaps

Are there downsides to remapping?

Only turbo engines will ultimately benefit from a remapping. If your car isn’t faster, a remap with small supply development in bhp. There are other remapping issues not to forget:

Power gain, more stress

The car’s increased power after remapping will probably place more stress on the engine, gearbox and different additives, which includes the snatch. This way, you may often be at the storage for servicing and maintenance.

Upgrade your top-up

You may need to buy higher octane gas following remapping, and this is typically more luxurious than everyday gas.

Warranty troubles

Your warranty may be invalidated if you get your engine remapped at a garage that isn’t authorised via the producer or an authorised dealership.

Watch your speed

With a higher-driven car comes temptation and the extra hazard of drifting over the speed limit!

Can you detect if a car has been remapped? Let’s discover

Anyone who wants to enhance the performance of their car and potentially boom gas efficiency should remember to have their car remapped. This is a cost-effective way of improving your car’s performance without spending money on a new car that meets your needs. In this blog, our Tuning group will cover what remapping is and whether or not it’s miles possible for car dealerships and garages to come across it.

Is It Possible to Detect Remapping?

Essentially, it is viable to detect remapping. However, this doesn’t mean that your car manufacturer will take a look at it when you’re taking your car in to have it serviced or MOT’d.

Our Remapping company can return your car to inventory before any warranty claim.  Many people need clarification on whether or not remapping will affect their assurance or coverage. However, the reality is that remapping is not routinely checked for, except a request is made to do that.

Insurance companies won’t look at your car to see if it’s been remapped before supplying cover, but it is your responsibility to tell your insurance company. This is because when you have to make a claim, and it’s far found that your vehicle has been remapped, you may locate that you do not have a cover.

When it comes to your guarantee, if you have a car covered via a warranty, then the choice to remap your car is down to you.

It can be done in case you need to boost performance and hazard having an invalid assurance. Still, if you try to escape with it, a producer is probably capable of detecting it, especially if you have expensive assurance work done often. They might test your automobile and evaluate manufacturer facts within the ECU.

Remapping your car isn’t illegal as it involves the usage of your engine inside the way it has been designed. However, the duty falls to you because you should tell your insurance organisation or risk having any warranty voided, which can come at a cost. But, if you seek extra performance and are glad to take on that duty, your automobile will perform much better. Reidy Remaps works on many automobiles and gives low-cost Car Remapping Services, and we also have the gear and knowledge to work on most makes and models.

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