Who Makes E-Learning and Explainer Videos?


If you need an explainer video or e-learning video, you can get a professional to produce it for you. These videos should be short and to the point – one to two minutes long. They should have one main message with a clear call to action, and they should be entertaining and interesting.

eLearning video production company based in Israel

If you need an eLearning video production company, consider working with a company based in Israel. Israeli eLearning video companies offer a variety of video services, from 2d animation to 3d product demonstrations. They also provide video editing services. And, they also produce a variety of types of videos, from travel videos to explainer videos.

Among these companies, you might be interested in Simanim Productions. They have the qualifications and experience to produce quality animation. They also have a larger budget than some other companies. Moreover, they have credits from big companies, and they offer different styles of animation, including whiteboard animation. Another eLearning video production company in Israel is White Animation, which has an impressive website featuring interactive animation.

Another great way to ensure that your eLearning video production project is completed on time and within budget is to hire a video production company in Israel. These Israeli eLearning video production companies have a solid track record of producing high quality courses. Their production team is made up of professionals with experience in eLearning, and their team understands the needs of their clients.

Formats of e-learning and explainer videos

Explainer videos can help to convey complex concepts to a wide range of audiences in a short time. They can also reduce the cognitive load for learners. They are easy to create and edit. A variety of free and low-cost platforms are available to help creators create explainer videos.

Streaming services are popular ways to deliver training and information to large audiences. Streaming video is most often used for employee training and customer communication. YouTube, for example, is a popular platform to watch and share videos. Explainer videos can feature real-life characters, provide a narrative explaining a concept, or provide guidance and advice.

Many popular e-learning platforms have explainer videos that use the latest multimedia. Google for Education is one such platform. This platform offers a wide range of tools and platforms to help educators make the most effective videos. The e-learning video from Google for Education is a good example of an effective educational video. The animations are simple, and the narration has a clear female voice.

Cost of creating e-learning and explainer videos

The cost of creating e-learning and explainer video animations can be high. A minute-long video can easily cost $2000 – $4500, depending on the size and complexity of the animation. The production process involves many aspects including scripting, casting, lighting, sound mixing, and editing.

An animated explainer video with many characters and complicated moves will cost much more than a simple screencast-like video. Animated explainer videos can be used to convey specific ideas and create a powerful reaction from the audience. The Onfo promo video is an example of an emotional video.

Another factor that affects the cost of creating e-learning and explainer video is the type of animation. 3D animations require more experience and skill than standard motion graphics. Additionally, more complex videos are more expensive than whiteboard style videos. However, whiteboard-style videos are simpler to produce and are less expensive. Lastly, volume of videos needs to be considered, as most eLearning video providers offer better pricing when they purchase a large number of videos.

Voice-over artist available for explainer videos

A voice-over artist can add authenticity to your e-learning and explainer videos. They make your content more engaging and can enhance brand recognition. They can also help you create audiobooks and corporate films. Having a professional voice-over artist on board can give your brand a more human touch and boost sales.

Hiring a professional voice-over artist is a great idea if you’re developing an e-learning course. These courses are more flexible and user-friendly than traditional academic materials. In addition to audio-visual cues, these videos are designed to be watched on a smartphone or tablet. If your course is a bit dry or dreary, an experienced e-learning voice-over artist can breathe new life into your material.

Hiring a professional voice-over artist can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your e-learning course. Whether you’re creating a introductory video for new employees or an instructional video for employees, a skilled artist can give your message a personal touch.

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